Customer Testimonials

Here are some of the testimonials we have gotten from our customers over the years. You can also find feedback and reviews on Facebook, Google+, and Yelp. We understand we are not perfect, but we always try to provide an excellent customer experience.

What our customers have to say

Customer Feedback
Sandy Graser I like knowing and shopping at a family owned business versus a large franchise.  I am always greeted with a smile.  The staff has always been helpful when assisting me with what chemicals are needed for my pool and explaining what each one will do.  My pool water has been perfect since coming to Swim-N-Pools so you obviously get it right!  I appreciate the free water testing.
Rodney Ludwig Great employees!  Always helpful and friendly!
Suzanne Barasch All staff is very knowledgeable and helpful!  Mickie is fantastic and I learned how to manage my in-ground pool with her help.  I would never go anywhere else!
Pamela White I have been with Swim-N-Pools for approximately 13 years and that should tell you right there.  I have had only positive experiences with Swim-N-Pools.  The staff is wonderful and are always meeting my needs as best as possible.  Jamie has always taken her time with me, explaining the best things that work for my pool.  She is such an asset to your company and is always professional and knowledgeable.  Everyone is great and I always recommend your company to other people!
Marie Boerner I have had my in-ground pool going on 17 years. Swim-N-Pools installed it and I have been totally satisfied.  I had my liner replaced in 2004 and love it. Service has been good, friendly, and knowledgeable. Products are good.  The Chester store is convenient to me.  I might add that I love the McDaniel family; they are very friendly and honest.  I highly recommend Swim-N-Pools!
Robert & Jan Whisner When we purchased our pool from Swim-N-Pools, Cliff answered all of our questions and gave us advice on caring for our pool.  They did an excellent job installing the pool and giving us great information. When we call, the staff has been very knowledgeable and helpful.
Renee Schibner Mickie was great, no high pressure and very informative on the spa.  We really liked her sales style, we felt we got a fair price and they all have been great with follow-up questions!
Susan When looking for a hot tub, we shopped at a competitor in the West End. On one occasion we received no customer service from them. After researching on the internet we found Swim-N-Pools in Chester. FANTASTIC relationship since then!  Gail could not have been nicer; she even brought supplies to us when she was in town!  Service helps and guides me over the phone.  Lin is always WONDERFUL when he comes here, he teaches us “tricks” for maintaining our spa.  We are really thankful for you!
Debbie Wells The staff is helpful and knowledgeable.
T.G. Hammock Excellent staff, the products are always available!
Jim E. Everyone is always very helpful and knowledge.
Jeanne Mosher We have always been happy with Swim-N-Pools.  They are always very helpful when buying chemicals and maintenance has been quick and knowledgeable.  It’s hard to keep my husband out of the store! He always wants a new spa or pool table!
Charlene Smith The staff is always friendly and courteous.
John Farmer The staff is always willing to help and very knowledgeable regardless of which product they are talking about.  They are amazing at troubleshooting pool problems.  We are thankful that Swim-N-Pools is willing to do water analysis when needed each season.
Claude Excellent staff.  Very helpful and concerned people.
Bobby Hare I am very pleased with the thoroughness of Gail and her staff. Knowledge and attentiveness was greatly appreciated.
Eileen Stegman Very satisfied!
Jane The staff at the Chester store is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.  I like the way they test the pool water and explain in detail the results including when and how to add any chemicals that are needed.  I also know from past experiences with other stores that this is the one I want to shop at.
Anita Thompson Mickie has been very helpful with our pool questions.  The store is neat and always clean when we visit.  We try to buy our pool chemicals in February during your sale.  The pool we bought from you is working out great!  We appreciate all of your help!
Mike and Marge Burkell We first visited your store just because of its close proximity to our home.  We continue (even though you moved farther away) because of not only the quality products but because of the friendly and knowledgeable staff.  It is always a pleasure to visit.
Lonnie Ott I routinely go in for pool chemicals and have found them to always be in stock.  The chemicals and accessories are competitively priced.  I have never had to wait long for pool water testing.
Tyler Scalone Good employees!
Woody Tomlin The staff is always pleasant and knowledgeable.
Ed Kirk When I needed a valve flow adjuster for my sand filter, the saleswoman took my part to help match it to the new one.  She apologized about their in-stock part color not matching my existing part but that they could order an exact match.  The new part was fine but I appreciated the detailed attention.
Carol & Casey Hyatt The staff is very helpful with my problems.  A liner was installed last year in my in-ground pool and everything went very well.  They cleaned up everything too!
Virginia Lighty The staff seemed very educated about the products that I was buying to repair my sand filter.  They gave me information on a new sand filter as well.
William Powell Good experience with good results in water testing and maintaining my pool for the season.
Becky Ostrowski We loved dealing with Mickie.  The delivery guys who installed our pool table were also very nice.
Ed Yancey The staff was very helpful finding parts for my pool pump.
Jim Ramsey Everyone is real nice and friendly and very helpful with pool problems!
Mike Brick


I have now bought two hot tubs from your company in the last year or so, and cannot imagine ever buying another one from anyone else. The installation on Saturday was flawless, with the delivery & install team professionals, in every sense of the word.  I expect that you conduct yourselves in this manner as normal-business, but know well that this is customer service for which we all dream.

Thanks to you and your team on another great hot tub.