Grills & Barbeques

Napoleon Grills are available at Swim-N-Pools

Swim-N-Pools is an authorized retailer for Big Green Egg. We carry a wide variety of options, from the small, but fully loaded, MiniMax to the best selling Large Egg, to the XXLarge (Extra Extra Large) Egg, and all the big green egg acessories you can imagine. We often have demo’s, so make sure you join our mailing list, if you are interested in seeing (and TASTING), what makes Big Green Egg so unique and popular, to find out when our next event is being held.

Outdoor Setups

Create the perfect Outdoor Grilling Setup with Big Green Egg tables. Available in metal (shown in picture) or wood. See our construction department for creating custom outdoor barbeque setups and outdoor kitchens.

BBQ's and Grills

Large Big Green Egg
The best selling Large Big Green Egg is perfect, not to small, not to big. Find out more information by clicking here...
MiniMax Big Green Egg
Big Green Egg owners love their eggs so much they buy the portable MiniMax for parties and tail gating. Find out more information by clicking here...

Big Green Egg Sizes

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