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Leisure Time Spa Chemicals

Leisure Time Spa Chemicals offer Bromine and Chlorine options for maintaining your hot tub. The video above reflects one of their Bromine options, Reserve & Renew.


  • Leisure Time Brominating Tablets

    Bromine Tablets designed for your spa.

  • Leisure Time Spa 56

    Chlorine designed for your spa. Works well with mineral kits, such as Sundance SurePurity.

  • Leisure Time Reserve & Renew

    The Reserve & Renew® sanitizing system eliminates the need for a float, a brominator or the handling of dry chlorine. Reserve is a bromide salt that remains neutral in the spa water until Renew® non-chlorine shock oxidizer is added. The two products react with each other to form active bromine. With proper maintenance and the regular addition of Renew® non-chlorine shock oxidizer this system is virtually maintenance-free.

Chemical Systems


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