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Pacific Pools is the only manufacturer with exclusive Graphex technology. Your pool won’t rust, corrode, warp, dent or chip. It stays strong and flexible for decades!

Graphex pool walls are molded from a high-strength resin, similar to the materials used to increase strength, resilience and durability in sports equipment, cars, and even the stealth bomber.

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Why is Graphex the best material for your pool?

A pool built with Graphex wall panels and braces will retain its shape, never corrode, and always offer the comfort of a vinyl surface.

  • Fiberglass can shift, crack or heave.
  • Gunite or concrete pools can be damaged from acid washing or cracking. Plus, these types of pools have rough surfaces that can scrape skin and swim suits.
  • Steel pools can dent, bulge, or even rust out beneath the liner.

Why Vinyl Liners?

Vinyl Liners are no longer just plain, ordinary, square pools. A Pacific Vinyl Liner pool can be customized into just about any shape, incorporate just about any water feature, and has one of the best price points on the market. All Swimming Pools require maintenance after a period of time, however with a vinyl liner pool, some customers go 10, 15, even 30 years without ever having to change their liners.

Estimates and Cost

To determine a somewhat accurate inground swimming pool estimate requires an on-site appointment, as there are many considerations to take into account such as zoning, permits, size, and features just to name a few. Anyone giving out a flat price is not taking all the attributes into planning and building a swimming pool into account. We take care of everything, so you can rest assured that your project will be completed in a timely and proper manner.


Pacific Pools has partnered with Light Stream and The Lending Club, however there are many options out there. We can help you with this process if you choose to finance.

We are currently not taking leads for Inground Swimming Pools.

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