Pacific Pools Construction

Inground Swimming Pool Construction is just that, construction. Here are some key points to help understand the process.

What would the landscaping be like? What things would have to be moved to make room for our pool?

Before we saw blue water, we saw a lot of red tape. Not to worry, our Pacific Pools Showcase Builder fearlessly navigated the approval process, working with local authorities to keep the flow going.

What will the excavation be like?

Here’s the scoop. And the backhoe. Be prepared for a lot of heavy-duty equipment rumbling through early in the morning.

We had to make sure that Grover, our dog, stayed put inside with us as we watched the mounds of dirt pile up. We just remembered that the grand canyon in our backyard would soon be our own private oasis.

Prepare for pipes and panels.

It was fun to see it start to come together: the plumbing pipes, followed by the actual Graphex™ pool structure itself – the wall panels, steps and K-braces. A permacrete pool base, permacrete patio and permacrete bond beam are added to lock everything in place.

Getting hooked up.

At this point, we were pretty wired about our Pacific Pool, but it was not finished, yet. Our Pacific Pools Showcase Builder brought in licensed electricians to connect the lighting and filtration systems, while gas lines were installed for the heater.

Smoothing things out with finishing touches.

Having them put those steps down into the pool is like seeing presents under a Christmas tree: the anticipation reaches a fever pitch. And when we saw the lining we picked placed into our pool, we knew we’d reached the home stretch.

We are currently not taking leads for Inground Swimming Pools.

Inground Pools

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