Vanishing Edge

A Vanishing Edge add-on is one of the most dramatic water features available for swimming pools, and it has an especially impressive effect when installed at multi-level properties and shoreline vistas.

What about you? Will you have a concrete or wood deck? A patio? How will the pool work with the rest of your yard? You have a lot of questions to ask, but thankfully, it’s fun.

Eliminating Boundaries

The Vanishing Edge feature has historically been an exclusive domain of the concrete pool builder due to it’s complexities. Pacific Pools has designed a “Bolt-On System” Stainless Steel Modular Vanishing Edge System expressly for our vinyl liner swimming pool.

Innovative Beauty

Pacific Pools will custom design and manufacture each Vanishing Edge system to our customers specifications-you’ll get simplicity in installation, and accolades for providing the most dramatic water feature available - The Vanishing Edge!

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