Pool & Hot Tub Safety

When it comes to swimming pools, water safety should come first. Here are a few quick tips to help keep your pool safer. We have also included links to sites that cover pool and hot tub safety in more detail, as the tips we are providing are just a guideline, and should only be used for ideas to make your pool and hot tub safer. We plan to expand this section further to include tutorials, suggested classes, and more in the coming months, but because water safety is so important we felt it was important to at least lay the foundation for pool and hot tub safety.

Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs can be one of the most exciting things to happen to your backyard and we want to go over a few important points help keep those experiences both fun and safe.  This guide is by no means comprehensive, and is here for reference only.  Always make sure you have the correct permits, are up to code, and just use plain common sense around a swimming pool or hot tub.

A few safety tips:

Inexperienced Swimmers and Children

Make sure an experienced swimmer, preferably someone who is trained in CPR and first aid, is on-site whenever a child or inexperienced swimmer is near the swimming pool. Make sure doors leading to the pool either stay locked or have an alarm on them, in which someone in the house can hear at all times. Fencing around the pool, and gates that self latch, are also a crucial steps to ensure the pool is safe for friends, neighbors and even strangers, because a pool is exciting it could attract visitors. Lastly make sure to use proper flotation devices for small children. There are also alarms that can be installed in the water, that will automatically sound if someone enters the pool. Automatic safety covers are also a good investment for new installations, as it allows to pool to be covered at all times when not in use. All of these tips are a step in the right direction, but remember to have a plan that incorporates many, or all, of the steps.

Talk to young children

Make sure young children know that while the pool can be fun, that it can also be dangerous. Go over a strategy of what to do if they where to fall in, such as trying to grab onto the wall. Have safety equipment nearby such as telescopic poles and shepherd's crook. You should also have a lifesaver ring nearby the pool.

Quick Note on Hot Tub Safety

Infants and toddlers should not be permitted in a hot tub at all as babies’ thin skin makes them more susceptible to overheating. Also, since little ones have very little control over bodily functions, spas become unsanitary almost instantly when “accidents” happen.

Safety Links

The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals have put together a number of good articles on Pool and Spa Safety.
The American Red Cross has a number of courses, videos, and articles covering learning to swim, home pool essentials, and more.