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Pre-Season Swimming Pool Cleaning

After your swimming pool is opened, there may be a little (or a lot) of work needed to get it ready for the season. Most customers who have us open their swimming pools choose to have a pre-season cleaning as well. Below is a brief description of what we do. Call 804-748-4330 or e-mail [email protected] today for more information.

Swim Ready Pools

This service is billed hourly (half hour minimum), and sometimes may take multiple trips to complete. We will essentially be getting your pool in a "swim ready" condition by netting the leaves out, brushing the walls to break up algae surfaces, and adding the necessary chemicals to finish the job. Our service technicians will gather water samples to bring to our lab, where the pool water is analyzed (results can be e-mailed). Once the pool is cleaned, the service is considered complete, and you may choose to continue with Weekly Cleanings if you wish. We must reemphasize that this service may take multiple trips to complete, but usually is completed by the second or third visits.

Disclaimers and Payment

Please notify the service department 48 hours in advance for cancellations.
The price of chemicals is not included in this service. You may elect to use your own chemicals or have us bring the necessary chemicals when we come out. We cannot guarantee the results of the chemicals not purchased at Swim-N-Pools, and cannot assume responsibility for any damage caused by their use.
Swim-N-Pools, Inc. can now accept e-Checks and credit card online free of charge to our customers.  
Please make checks payable to Swim-N-Pools.

Pool & Spa Services

Request More Information

Only name, e-mail address, and phone number are required, however the more information you provide the better we can answer any questions and quote your pre-season cleaning(s) for you.


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