Swimming Pool Closings & Winterization

Given the harsh climates that this area can endure, we recommend that most pools be winterized. Improper winterization can lead to extremely expensive repairs, so having a professional company winterize your swimming pool is an option that many of our customers choose. Call 804-748-4330 or e-mail [email protected] today for more information.

What is Involved

Each pool is unique, so the services rendered may vary from pool to pool, especially when winterizing. For example, not every pool has a waterfall or maindrain, and these generally require having the lines blown. In general, the following services are completed:

  • Drain and Plug Lines
  • Blow Lines where needed
  • Add Anti-Freeze where needed
  • Remove ladders, diving boards, etc.
  • Drain the filter and pumps
  • Disconnect plumbing where needed
  • Install winter cover
  • Add winterization chemicals
  • Check for any failing or dangerous equipment


Add a winter kit during closing to protect your pool and help make opening easierMake sure to ask for a Winter Kit to be added when you have us close your pool. It greatly increases the probability of an easier opening, and helps protect your pool during the cold winter months. Our kits come in two sizes: one for 12,000 gallons and one for 24,000 gallons. They can be combined as needed if your pool is larger. The kits include a non-chlorine oxidizer to help break down any organic materials that may have formed, a winter algaecide to help protect your water from algae growth in the warmer periods, and a sequesting agent to help prevent staining and scaling while the water is still.


Disclaimers and Payment

Please notify the service department 48 hours in advance for cancellations.
Payment is due before or at time of service.
Chemicals and Winter Chemical Kit not included in price.
Swim-N-Pools, Inc. can now accept e-Checks and by credit card online free of charge to our customers.  
Please make checks payable to Swim-N-Pools.

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