Winter Watch Service

To help prevent unexpected expenses and inconveniences which always occur at the worst time, Swim-N-Pools offers a Winter Watch Check-up Service. Call 804-748-4330 or e-mail [email protected] today for more information.

What is Winter Watch?

This is a simple and low-cost service offered to provide peace of mind to our customers.

Recommended for all pools, the WINTER WATCH SERVICE is designed to minimize & even prevent winter damage to the pool & equipment from freeze, snow & ice. The WINTER WATCH SERVICE provides the following services each month starting December, January, February, & March.

  • During the first visit, we inspect to make sure the swimming pool was adequately winterized..
  • Pool covers are inspected for tears and adjustments are made to the water bags and/or springs that hold your cover in place.
  • Excess water is removed from solid safety covers.
  • Debris is removed from the cover to prevent damage to cover and ensure proper drainage for mesh covers and covers with invisi-drain.
  • Pool water level is checked on pools with mesh covers for proper height.
  • If water level is too high, it is lowered or if level is too low Swim-N-Pools will add water to the proper level using the customer’s water source.
  • Check for failing or dangerous equipment


Disclaimers and Payment

Payment is pre-paid, and monthly visits are pre-scheduled.
Please notify the service department 48 hours in advance for cancellations.
Swim-N-Pools, Inc. can now accept e-Checks and by credit card online free of charge to our customers.  
Please make checks payable to Swim-N-Pools.